Leveraging Technology for Competitive Advantage

Your Web, Cloud and Technology Specialists.

Having a digital strategy is a must for every business.

This critical piece of your overall strategy incorporates competitive analysis, technology audit, online marketing, brand management, measurement, and process improvement to help your business dominate!

This is where we come in.

Unfortunately we have found that while most Technology Problems cannot be solved with a cup of coffee, it always helps to have one.

Who we are.

Trusted Tech Advisors is an IT Managed Services company. We specialise in digital technology advice, implementation and support our business customers.


Professional Geek

Tim weilds his Google Pixel phone like a medieval sword and uses it to digitally navigate life. He's equally at home on his desktop PC with 6 screens or his Surface Laptop or his Apple iPad. Running a business from multiple locations means some technological wizardry. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and cycling around the world.


Chief Technical Offsider

Armed with a Mac and iPhone, Matt is not just your go-to guy for WordPress wonders, SEO sorcery and ads artistry; he's also our specialist for all things Apple in your business. In his spare time, he enjoys photography and stirring up Tim about his dedication to Android devices 😀


Chief Operating Officer




Senior Engineer



Back Office Team