Some of our standard rates have increased with the increase of underlying costs. Many of the prices below are the still the same as before.

Standard rates as listed below. Not for Profits and charities attract a 10% discount except where noted*.

These prices take effect from 1/11/23. (last updated 1/7/16)


Role Code Hourly Rate Ex GST
Senior Engineer SE $180
Developer Analyst DA $150
Senior Business Analyst SBA $180
Business Analyst BA $150
Senior Project Manager SPM $180
Project Manager PM $150
Technician Onsite TOS $130
Technician Onsite 1st Hr Call Out Fee TO1 $175
Technician Remote Access TRA $120
Content Writer* WCR $90
Photographer* PHO $120
Gaffer* GAF $70
Makeup Artist per person* MUA $150
Level 2 Sports First Aid Trainer 1st Hr FA1 $45.45
Level 2 Sports First Aid Trainer FA2 $31.82


Item Code Per Annum Ex GST
Web Hosting 100MB HDD 1000 MB monthly bandwidth WH1 $110
Web Hosting 200MB HDD 2000 MB monthly bandwidth WH2 $175
Drupal / Joomla / WordPress quarterly SLA SLA $550



  • If you have a contract with different rates you will continue to pay the contracted prices unless negotiated.
  • If you have a signed current SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place with us the prices listed in that will remain until its current expiry. We reserve the right to renegotiate those rates at that point.
  • Contact us for specific pricing for USA customers.
  • No GST is charged to clients resident in countries other than Australia.
  • Technician remote access will be charged in minimum 15 minute blocks.
  • Onsite technical support attracts a minimum 1 hour call out fee.

Thank you for your business.