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We are invited to sit at the customers table educating and advising business owners and executives how to leverage technology to gain a competitive edge.

What is a trusted technology advisor and why is that us?

As a trusted technology advisor, we follow four principles to help you harness the potential of technology for your business success and problem-solving. A trusted technology advisor is an expert who can assist you in using technology effectively and efficiently as follows:
A trusted technology advisor understands your unique business needs, objectives, and challenges. They tailor their advice and solutions to fit your specific situation and requirements. They do not offer generic or one-size-fits-all solutions, but rather customised and personalised ones.


A trusted technology advisor collaborates with you as a strategic partner. They help you plan, design, implement, and manage your technology projects and initiatives. They also provide you with guidance and insights on the latest trends and innovations in your industry and how to leverage them for your competitive advantage.


A trusted technology advisor provides you with ongoing support and maintenance for your technology systems and infrastructure. They monitor, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues or problems that may arise. They also ensure that your technology is secure, stable, and up to date. They take care of the technical details, so you can focus on your core business activities


 A trusted technology advisor is honest, transparent, and dependable. They communicate clearly and effectively with you and keep you informed of the progress and status of your technology projects and initiatives. They also respect your budget and timeline and deliver on their promises. They value your trust and satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations

Trusted Advisor?

Any salesperson can create a rapport with a client with a friendly greeting and cheap and fast service. It is our ability to connect generating strategic depth and building meaningful relationships with our clients that makes us different. We make your business our business and dedicate ourselves to your success. We are a team built to see you succeed. Your business is our business and we do not win unless our clients do. That is what makes us a technology advisor you can trust.


How can change benefit you?


Information is abundant and available thanks to the Internet and social media. Clients can access technical details, product comparisons, and prices easily. They are smarter and have more control over their buying decisions.

Technology has changed how we do business. Clients are more informed and empowered. They want trusted partners who can help them reach their goals. We can show you how technology can improve your products and services as you solve your clients’ problems and add value. We build trust and credibility with our clients as a result

Trusted advisors and consultative approaches are what clients need. They want to trust our technical skills and our ability to help them with their problems. They want us to build a relationship and work with them to find the best solutions.

As your trusted advisor we can assist you to leverage technology to improve your customer relationships and service provision utilising the power of technology.

What are the changes we have made?

Strengthening Our client relationships
We actively and regularly engage our clients with the aim of moving from Service-based to Trust-based relationships.
What People Say About Us
Growing Our people
Growing our people – We support our technical experts and salespeople to improve or acquire consulting skills and wider personal qualities to become a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to our clients

What Are the Types of Client Relationships?

There Are Four Main Types of Client Relationships

Service Based - This is the initial stage of a relationship where the client sees the advisor as a product seller or technical specialist who performs one-time tasks.

Needs Based - In this stage, the client recognises that the advisor has more skills and abilities than the original technical role for which they were engaged. The client starts to trust the advisor as a dependable person and a solver of deeper problems.

Relationship Based – At this level, the client views the advisor as someone who can understand the issues in the context of the organisation, provide insight and point out client-specific problems along with viable solutions, and suggest innovative ideas.

Trust Based – As a ‘Trusted Advisor’ the client turns to the advisor whenever something happens, whether it is an opportunity or a crisis, and not just for professional matters. This is the most demanding level of all relationships as it requires long-term commitment and trust, but it is also the most rewarding.

Business Technology Problems

Trusted Tech Advisors (Jethro) works with businesses to introduce and implement concepts such as compliance, privacy, security, back-office automation, and offshore resource management. Our team are specially selected for their deep understanding of business systems and processes, people management, and technology use.

Many businesses manage their own IT needs without fully grasping the tools they use and the security, cost, and integration issues they entail. They often chase the newest and shiniest tech trends without considering their value. The hidden costs of IT can undermine the potential benefits in the dynamic digital world. Business owners are experts in their fields, but they need a trusted advisor to help them optimize their IT solutions and reduce their risks.

We often see four types of technological business problems:

Market Gap

New businesses need organisational tools but are using old or outdated products.

Choice Overload

A plethora of task management tools proves that there’s consumer interest for more simple management tools and technology.


Loss of sales by not offering easier management tools that push teams to the finish line.


Customers want something that’s easy to adopt and simple to use.

Trusted Tech Advisors (Jethro) is an innovative IT company that uses the same solutions we offer to customers. We are dependable, accessible, and manage our global team with effective tools. We can solve any IT problem with our capabilities.

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