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Work and play smarter with the new Microsoft Teams

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Have you met the new Microsoft Teams?

Users of new Microsoft Teams are finding more focus and fun across work, school, and life. We’re listening to the 320 million people who rely on Teams every month and sharing some of the experiences they love most for you to go try.

New to new Teams?

As the world continues to evolve, Teams is here to be your modern workplace. Check out the video to learn more about the new and unique experiences we’re building for new Teams.

Fan Favorites

Celebrate success using Together Emojis

Celebrate success using Together Emojis

Foster shared sentiments and a sense of belonging. Simply type (highfive) to initiate a virtual high-five, and your colleagues can join in the fun by typing (highfive) for a group cheer.

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Express who you are through Teams backgrounds

Change what appears behind you in your video meeting or call. You can blur your background, replace it entirely with any image you want, or use a Teams virtual background template.

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Express who you are through Microsoft Teams backgrounds
Let AI filter out the background noise from wherever you work in Microsoft Teams

Let AI filter out the background noise from wherever you work

Working in a busy coffee shop? Taking your call from the airport? Turn on voice isolation to eliminate unwanted background noise and other voices that can interfere with your Teams calls and meetings.

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These are just a few of the great features that our users love. Visit the Teams website to discover even more. Your next productivity breakthrough awaits!

Get in Touch if you want to know how to enable Teams in your organisation. You will find synergy and productivity gains even if there are only two users!