Productive staff are happy staff

Productive Staff are Happy Staff

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I know your staff are as not productive as you would like – or even they would like. Why? Because their tech is letting them down.
Read on to find out some quick ways to improve productivity and staff morale.

Hardware not up to it.

Lets face it. Computers are expensive. And go out of date quicker than milk. But there are ways to future proof yourself. A rolling hardware replacement strategy evens the load on the wallet and can ensure that there are good machines in place where needed.
Some simple tips.

  • Don’t attempt to replace everything at once.
  • Don’t buy “bargains”. They are usually cheap for a reason.
  • Do talk to us BEFORE buying.
  • Don’t wait until your staff complain to do something about it.

Software out of date.

Keeping computers update can be frustrating and if not done right can waste valuable staff time as well as expose the business to cryptoware and other malware attacks.
A Microsoft Intune subscription (combined with Office 465) for $6 a month per user will ensure that PCs can be maintained remotely and updated without wasting staff time.
Some simple tips.

  • Don’t skip patches
  • Do take notice of the little icons with red flags in the corner of your desktop
  • Do talk to us about adding an Intune subscription
  • Don’t wait until your staff complain to do something about it.

I’m pretty sure someone in your organisation uses Excel. Even if its just once a year.
I’m also sure that they are not using it as well as they could be. That’s costing you time and money.
I can provide cost effective personalised training that will improve productivity.

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I’m happy for to you write me hate mail if you didn’t get value from this. But before you do. Did you take my advice?

  • Do you have an Intune subscription to ensure your PCs are running the latest version of Windows 10 patched up to date?
  • Do you have hardware that is more than 3 years old?
  • Are your staff complaining about the speed of their computers?
  • Have you asked me about some productivity training for your staff? Excel, Outlook and Word as well as file management, images and even web browsing are all things I can speed them up in in a very short amount of time.

Now write that email. Wait! I can show you a faster way to write it!