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When did you last review your business Cyber Security?

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Cyber security experts all say you shouldn’t consider “if you get attacked” but when. Another way to think of that is you are under attack right now – because likely you are.
When was the last time you ran a security risk assessment around your critical access points, data access and online cyber threats?
Please take the time to read this article.

Although it is talking about large businesses with boards, the same concepts apply to every small business.
Here’s a simple checklist to determine if you are security conscious.

  1. Do you have a list of everyone who has access to your routers, gateways and firewalls? Do you know how to change the passwords on these devices?
  2. Have you ensured your email provider is stopping malware, phishing attacks and other email security threats BEFORE it gets to you or your staff?
  3. Do you have a staff / company policy relating to sending personal information including credit card information in emails?
  4. Who has access to your server, online data sources, and other data stores? Do you have a process to immediately revoke access in case of an unfavourable employee dismissal, or other breach potential?

In the article we read;
Leon Fouche, BDO Australia’s National Leader on Cyber Security recommends that boards follow Telstra’s “five- knowns of security” model when wanting to identify what is truly critical to their business. “Know the value of your data and assets, where the data is located, who has access to that information, who is responsible for protecting it and how well it is protected.”

How do you measure up?

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