Cloud Storage and Microsoft Azure

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Have you considered cloud storage for your data? Have you heard of Microsoft Azure? There are lots and lots of options right now and I want to explore some with you in this newsletter.

Cloud storage

Data storage has never been cheaper than now, and never before has there been so many options. Cloud storage has so many benefits over local data storage and in nearly every case is cheaper and more efficient.


Location Cost Description Business Risks
PC / Laptop Hard drive Free Local storage only, no duplication of data Drive failure or loss of machine = total data loss
Server or NAS $2000-$5000 Fast local storage with data drives in RAID array for loss prevention Total loss from theft or fire can be mitigated by cloud backup with Azure
USB attached Backup Drive $100-$200 Duplicates data from local machine (if configured correctly) Risk of backing up corrupted data, no version control (unless using Windows 10 File History) Can still be lost with pc
Dropbox – free version Free Online storage and access from anywhere – can be synced and shared with others Risk of data loss if other user deletes – malicious data etc. No SLA with Dropbox

Authentication is not controlled corporately

Dropbox for Business Cost – $17 per user per month min 5 users Online storage and access from anywhere – can be synced and shared with others Version control can eliminate loss, SLA with Dropbox mitigates safety of data, can be authenticated with Office 365
OneDrive (personal) Free Limited to 5gb per user but allows for sync of data and access anywhere Authenticated using Microsoft ID not Office 365
OneDrive for Business Free to Office 365 users

Office productivity Suite included

1TB user space – syncs data and access anywhere, can be shared with inside and outside organisation Controlled by office 365 authentication and administrators have control of data.
Box for Business $17 per month per user, min 3 users Built for businesses this storage solution has local sync, active directory SSO and good admin controls
Google Drive 15GB free Online and offline access, but no collaboration offline. No productivity suite included Online browser apps only, and no support for many MS Office features. Basic documents and spreadsheets only
SharePoint Free to Office 365 organisation accounts Document Management system with check in/out, version control, workflow, fine grained security permissions Training and support costs
Microsoft Azure Storage Many different options and pricing calculator is complex Data storage can be local or geo redundant, with multiple retention points and access anywhere Training and support costs

There are many others as well but these are the major ones being used in businesses today. We can assist you in determining what is the best solution for your business and how to identify the risks and costs associated with each option. Then we can implement and train your staff.

Contact us today for a free discussion about cloud storage options for your business.

Microsoft Azure

As a Silver Microsoft Small and Midmarket Cloud Partner we have access to technical support, demos and trial scenarios as well as engineers and solution proposals. We are currently implementing Microsoft Azure storage systems for several clients and would love to talk to you about how you can reduce costs and make data more accessible for teams. Backup solutions, virtual machines and other cloud services exist as well.

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Google Analytics Dashboards

We have been developing dashboards for a number of clients that take Google analytics data from their websites and display information in an easy to view and understand dashboards. The tool to view this data is free, but there is a small time cost to develop data dashboards and customise them to your website.

Here are some examples:



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