Improve Your Digital Business Skills with Jethro

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Improve Your Digital Business Skills with Jethro

Introducing a new program for our small business customers. So often small and micro businesses are just left cold by the large corporations and government agencies tasked with helping them. As a small business also, we share your frustration. You are so busy working in your business it’s hard to find time to work on your business.

So, we are offering a personalised (not a standard PowerPoint driven seminar) presentation for you and your business to improve your Digital Business Skills.

The time cost is small – just 2 hours – and can be done after hours. We will connect via phone or Skype for Business.

The monetary cost is also small – just $175.

We will assist your business by helping you understand how you can:

  • Streamline your business operations
  • Understand POS and e-commerce solutions
  • Learn about online accounting and payroll systems
  • Increase your productivity and profitability
  • How to create targeted advertising that reaches your customers directly
  • And much more

Contact us today to book a digital skills workshop