what the hell is GDP

What the hell is GDPR and do I need to be concerned

In Privacy, Security, Web Development by Tim Miller

Are you like me and wondering what What the Hell is GDPR?

You have probably been inundated with emails from every service you ever joined; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google analytics, Gmail, Dropbox and many more recently.
All about this new GDPR and privacy policy changes. Like me you probably didn’t actually read them and just binned them. But do you need to care? And what the hell is GDPR anyway?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a EU thing – a new regulation regarding the collection and retention of personal information of individuals in the EU.

So what? I don’t have any business in the EU. Or do I?

If you have a website that can be seen or visited by someone in the EU (almost every website) then it applies to you and your business because it “Monitors the behaviour of individuals in the EU”. Your Google Analytics and web server logs will most definitely do this. And if you host with us then It most definitely does!

So what do you need to do about it?

Don’t just say what the hell is GDPR? I don’t care and go back to your coffee.

At the VERY LEAST you need to ensure that your website has a privacy policy and that it tells users what data you hold, and what it is used for.

If your website has an ecommerce component or if you use third party tools to hold and use data such as PayPal, Xero, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Office 365 and many more then you must make that information clear.

We have updated the privacy policy on this website and every company website we own or manage.

I suggest you do the same. Contact us today to see what must be done. Note we do not offer professional or legal advice as to what is needed in your privacy policy and will simply implement the privacy policy you provide. We recommend specialist legal advice for each business case.